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French South African Tech Labs

Welcome to the forefront of innovation at the French South African Tech Labs (FSAT Labs). As a leading technology incubator and accelerator based in Cape Town, South Africa, FSAT Labs stands out for its commitment to fostering digital entrepreneurship. Operating as a non-profit company, we provide a 400 sq m co-innovation space for tech startups enrolled in our incubation and acceleration programs. Our offerings include invaluable digital skills training, entrepreneurship mentoring, coaching, as well as software development and research services tailored for both corporate and tech startups. At FSAT Labs, our core mission is to propel early-stage digital startups in Cape Town, South Africa, and across the continent. Through our dynamic 6-month incubator and 18-month accelerator programs, we empower entrepreneurs to accelerate their digital skills, generate revenue, and scale their businesses. Join us on the cutting edge of innovation as we select and support a new class of entrepreneurs twice a year, and propel the top 3 startups into an advanced growth trajectory through our accelerator program. FSAT Labs: Where innovation meets acceleration, propelling startups toward unprecedented success.

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Mayfair Building Block C, Century Way, Cape Town, South Africa

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Incubator: a straightforward approach to turning your startup vision into reality. Our program provides a supportive environment with personalized mentorship, essential resources, and a collaborative community. We focus on accessibility, ensuring that all entrepreneurs can benefit from our incubation services.

Accelerator: a straightforward 24-month program designed to propel your startup journey until you secure pre-seed or seed funding. Our accelerator provides comprehensive support, from mentorship to resources, guiding you through every stage of growth. We keep it simple, focusing on accessibility and fostering a collaborative community.

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