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Kimberley Diamond Jewellery Incubator

The Kimberley Diamond Jewellery Incubator (KDJI) was founded by the Northern Cape Provincial Government (NCPG) and the Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA) on the 16th April 2015. The objective of the establishment is to actively seek solutions to the multiple challenges facing South Africa’s diamond jewellery manufacturing industry including the empowerment of historically disadvantaged groups, poverty alleviation, community improvement and human capital development.

The purpose of KDJI’s establishment is to develop diamond cutters, polishers and jewellery manufacturers into better business people through appropriate business development interventions. These interventions are focused on addressing the high failure rate of existing small entrepreneurs in the mineral beneficiation and jewellery manufacturing sectors due to a lack of entrepreneurial skills. KDJI works with viable small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) in the mineral beneficiation and jewellery manufacturing sectors. These are entrepreneurs at different stages of the growth cycle – from business idea/concept design stage to early stage start-ups as well as established entrepreneurs.

Contact Information

Kimberley Diamond and Jewellery Hub 25 Villiers Street Kimberley, South Africa

Targeted Industries


Services Offered

Infrastructure and Resources
This includes office space, equipment, laboratories, telephone, printing facilities internet, boardroom and secretarial support. These are vital elements in operating a business.

Business Acumen Training
Management Skills, Financial Skills, Proper business training, Lack of experience and competence, Poor time management and planning skills.

Building sustainable and powerful networks are important for SMMEs as it unlocks challenges and adds value to their businesses.

Coaching and Mentoring
Growth experts to monitor and evaluate the business. This includes experienced mentors and coaches in specific areas to control the company’s growth and strategic direction.

Access to Markets
Product or services are developed with the goal of meeting a market need or want. This is a major goal for SMMEs is to get their offerings to the market.

Access to Funding
Assisting a SMME with unlocking financial support for various elements such as prototype development, equipment, operational costs and key marketing activities.

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