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Savant is a commercially-focused hardware technology incubator that provides bespoke business development support. Savant partners with highly skilled science and technology inventors for their start-up growth journey.

Savant brings unrivalled technology commercialisation know-how and experience to the South African start-up landscape. Savant offers bespoke commercialisation support to hardware technology inventors through long term, risk-based partnerships. Inventors stand to gain a streamlined journey from minimum viable product development to early market traction, both locally and internationally. Investors stand to gain early access to a pipeline of professionally de-risked technology companies to invest in.

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GU03 Collingwood Building Black River Business Park (South Park), Fir Street, Cape Town

Targeted Industries

Sector Agnostic

Services Offered

Incubator: Savant offers hands-on support to early stage entrepreneurs. We help you to build business, prove concepts, raise funds and take your technology to the next level.

Pre-Seed Fund: Their pre-seed funding targets pre-revenue South African hardware technology companies that are underpinned by locally developed science and engineering innovations.

Seed+ Fund: Their Venture Fund invests at seed+ stages. They look at promising science and engineering-backed ventures with product-market fit. The funding facilitates market entry and early scale.

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