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Timbali Technology Incubator

Timbali Technology Incubator found a way to connect small holder farmers to viable markets.  We provide the opportunity to grow into independent, competitive businesses.

Global statistics show that start-up businesses have a high failure rate. Small holders and new farmers face two challenges: Competitiveness and Productivity. Timbali’s enabling environment deal with these challenges.

  • Competitiveness is addressed by our Cluster Concept where farmers benefit from economy of scale.
  • Productivity challenge is addressed by a system-based management model. We use a yellow-brick-road, Indlela, Indila to make invisible processes visible. Our operations-and-procedures-manual (OPSM) is a tool for performance mapping, training and implementing change.

We provide market access by integrating the loan financing Cashflows with Operations Manual per Crop.  The right planting time, adoption of appropriate technology and quality management, allows alignment with optimal prices.

We facilitate affordable loan financing and provide the risk management for repayment of loans.  The Incubator greatly improves the chances of survival and growth.

Contact Information

Portion 74, Friedenheim Farm, Nelspruit, 1200

Targeted Industries


Services Offered

Business Management Systems: Business Management Systems for growth
Risk Management: Identifying, assessing and controlling threats.
Production & Technical Training: Production & Technical training with applicable management systems
Market Access: Coordinate market supply with S.A Farm GAP and Global GAP compliance training and certification
Solutions: Solutions to Environmental and Sustainable Farming practices
Financial Loan: Financial Loan facilitation

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