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TuksNovation is a non-profit technology incubator and accelerator that is located at the University of Pretoria. TuksNovation provides start-ups with specialised product and business development support throughout their start-up growth journeys by assisting entrepreneurs to refine technologies and validate business models for the relevant markets.

Our programmes enable start-ups to commercialise innovative technology into new sustainable enterprises with social and economic impact.

We create an ecosystem that fosters innovation by connecting science and technology innovators with corporates, academics and government.

Whether a start-up needs to refine and test a business model or requires guidance with product development, our specialised team is ready to assist.

From access to mentorship and bespoke training by leading industry and academic experts to product prototyping facilities, we can help technology start-ups navigate the journey of starting, building and growing a business.

TuksNovation initially provides technology development and entrepreneurship training support in order to ensure that the technology is fully developed and addresses a relevant market need.

Contact Information

Floor 14, Humanities Building, Lynnwood Road, Hatfield Campus, University of Pretoria

Services Offered



Advisory and mentorship services from key industry representatives and leading academics

Specialised prototyping facilities and office space

Extensive corporate and industry networks for partnerships

Various support services to get your company up and running

Funding opportunities through our networks

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