Enterprise and Supplier Development Programmes

Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD) is a process of working with certain suppliers to improve their performance for the benefit of the buying organisation. It is also to boost their performance and drive continued business growth through education, mentoring, and access to resources. In the context of South Africa, ESD refers to a set of affirmative action and local content development measures aimed at promoting economic transformation. Under the revised B-BBEE Codes, ESD refers to the combination of Preferential Procurement, Supplier Diversity, Supplier Development and Enterprise Development programs.

Sanlam Enterprise Supplier Development Programme

The Sanlam Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD) Programme has partnered with the Association for Savings and Investment South Africa (ASISA) to provide investment funding and business development (BDS) support to SMEs. Through this, we hope to create meaningful success stories that benefit our industry as a whole. Sanlam provides investment funding and business development support to SMEs that show potential for future growth.

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Accenture Enterprise And Supplier Development Programme

In response to both global and local calls for more inclusion and diversity in the market, Accenture’s Enterprise and Supplier Development Programme applies global best-practice principles to scale and sustain the entrepreneurs and small business suppliers with whom we partner. The aim is to increase the participation of black-owned SMEs within both Accenture’s own supply chain and in the wider economy.

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Exxaro Enterprise And Supplier Development Programme

Through its vision of powering better lives in Africa and beyond, Exxaro aspires to implement leading practices in ESD across the core functional areas. This initiative intends to promote economic transformation through developing entrepreneurs and suppliers and creating competitive markets for them to generate more jobs and establishing sustainable communities.

Exxaro is committed to creating opportunities for black-owned suppliers and black entrepreneurs to encourage economic growth in the country through their operations and other ventures.  Exxaro will leverage the purchasing power, internal and external capabilities to deliver sustained stakeholder value, which entails:

  1. Protecting and growing shareholder value by securing the licence to operate while being financially self-sustaining.
  2. Meeting and exceeding minimum standards placed by local, provincial and national government.
  3. Reducing enterprise wide supply chain risk by lowering internal user transaction cost and supply side risk associated with security of supply and delivery lead times. This is achieved by actively investing in diversifying the quantum and quality of vendors located close to their business operations. Supporting economic transformation by growing the number and size of black owned business. This is achieved by directly and indirectly providing market access opportunities for black owned business and by investing in non- financial and financial business support programs.

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Telkom FutureMakers was launched in 2015 as the Enterprise and Supplier development unit of Telkom. To date, the programs have supported just over 2500 small, medium, and micro-sized enterprises through incubation, investment, connectivity, and business development support services.

FutureMakers priority pillars include:

  • Diverse value chain programs
  • Township Economy
  • Innovation
  • Venture Capital Fund

Telkom has a committed capital of R250 million which is managed by IDF Capital on Telkom’s behalf to invest in innovative technology businesses at seed capital stage to growth stage. Investments are made by way of equity, quasi-equity, and debt

For more information on the Venture Capital fund, visit: https://www.idf.co.za/Solutions/Entrepreneurs/Telkom-FutureMakers

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Unilever Enterprise and Supplier Development Fund

Unilever’s Enterprise and Supplier Development Fund exists to provide black owned businesses an avenue to channel their vision, transform the business landscape and in so doing create much-needed jobs in our country.

Through the opportunities and support provided, entrepreneurs are able to gain business and technical support, access to funding and access to our procurement channels, thereby assisting us to transform our supply chain.

Developing small, medium and micro-sized enterprises enables Unilever to diversify its supplier base, broaden economic participation and deliver on the country’s economic development objectives.

Uniliver provides interest free loans and business support, with the aim to

  • enable and develop black owned businesses
  • improve local procurement
  • create jobs
  • empower communities
  • create access to markets

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