Coworking Spaces

Are you a small or large business looking to save money on rental but have state of the art facilities. However, you still want to save money and the costs of renting an office building.

We will be answering all the questions you have on coworking spaces

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Recently the cost of owning offices that belongs to an individual business has become a conversation of the past. Lately, many tenants can occupy each multi-floor building simultaneously, which lowers the cost of rent and assists businesses to have the reputation they need with their clients.

The recent Covid19 breakdown has shaken the world, including South African businesspeople who were not fans of having employees work from home to reconsider their decisions. With the recent Covid19, you can work from home and at the office at the same time. If you want to have a meeting, you can use the coworking space as the facility.

What are coworking spaces? Coworking spaces are essentially shared workspaces that offer affordable office space for those looking to escape the isolation of a home office or coffee shop.

These shared workspaces offer a range of services such as hot-desks facilities, private meeting rooms, kitchens, coffee WiFi and more.


Let us get to the point of a coworking space

Here are the excellent reasons to consider a coworking space:

  • You have a fixed monthly or daily payment rate: If they charge you the exact amount, you must know you will pay that every month until the fee increases.
  • You can choose to pay per day or month instead of paying for the whole month when you do not use the office. You can choose to use the space when necessary.
  • Other coworking spaces offer free Wi-Fi: As an entrepreneur, you do not have to worry about subscribing to a data contract. Free data can be available to you and your staff at the Coworking Space.
  • No need to hire extra staff such as cleaner, receptionist, security, maintenance, gardener, electrician, plumber, roof leaks specialist and internet contractor: Coworking Spaces provide these features at no extra charge, which means that if you pay R2 999 per month benefits inclusive. Remember if you were hiring your staff. It would cost you R98 000 per month before you hire your core staff members.
  • Access to other tenants: If you are a good networker, you can network with the other tenants and become your clients.
  • Extra Options are available: You can also rent when needed boardrooms, conference rooms, cafeterias, and small meeting rooms when required.

Here are the links to Coworking space providers in South Africa.

Ensure that you check your nearest location, city, a town near you.

  • Regus ( is the leading coworking space provider in South Africa, with many facilities in all provinces. They promise all sizes to fit into their coworking spaces.
  • Accessible Offices ( is the second leading coworking spaces provider where you can move in tomorrow. Here you can search all areas you need information.
  • Adapt Fluid Corporate Space ( has facilities available from R2 500 month excluding VAT. Adapt Fluid Corporate Space is the best for small-sized businesses.
  • Office Hub ( ) is a good search option for comparing spaces within your budget. They offer Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Pretoria.
  • The workspace ( offers services offices and coworking spaces in Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal.
  • Instant Offices ( gives you options to choose from your budget and your requirements. Visit this to see everything transparent before you call.
  • Wework ( provides a free month rental option for you to evaluate their buildings and facilities.
  • Heritage Rosebank Fire Station Offices ( provides you with the cheapest office space from R2 999 per month. With their lovely outdoor spaces, you will surely not want to leave these offices.

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